Day Seven: Past, Present, Future

I’m getting a little impatient with one card a day and since I have time, today I did a past, present, and future reading for myself. Let me set the tone:

I’m sitting on the ground in some unused office space. I turn on the space heater for a softer atmosphere–aka no frigid shivering–and turn on the light, one notch, so it’s a low orange glow. I shuffle, asking internally, “who was I, who am I, who will I be.”

Granted, I’m trying to dramatize the scene, you know, mysterious breeze blowing through my hair as I read my cards–Sorry, I’m feeling dramatic today. ANYWAY:

Who was I? Four of Cups:

Image result for four of cups wild unknown

From the get go, I thought this card must have some sort of negative connotation to it. It’s not often that rats represent positive energy and also no color and a majority of darkness on the card. It was a bit disconcerting, but at least it represents the past me?

Kim Krans: “Greed, discontent. An outsider would look upon your life and see supportive relationships, pleasures, and even a bit of luxury. But you don’t see it that way. Instead, there’s discontentment, apathy, and even greed for more. The Four of Cups warns not to take your situation for granted, or the people who supported you along the way. Look around you. What are you truly longing for? Name it.”

Carrie Mallon: “…there are two ways to look at selfishness, and we can use both of these as a lens for interpreting this card. In some circumstances, selfishness is merely… selfish. The rat is guarding what he has, unwilling to open himself to other possibilities, keeping himself emotionally entangled in the reality he currently feels.

But in another view, any type of emotionally withdrawing can be seen as ‘selfish’ by the outside eye. Sometimes we need to hole ourselves up, forget about what the outside world is offering, and let our emotions stabilize. This isn’t exactly selfish as much as it is self-preservation. In a reading, this card could suggest either of these possibilities.”

Taking all of this in, I know I’m generally a greedy person. Once I have something, I want more or I get used to 1. high levels of attention, 2. prosperity/ease at work, etc., etc. I truly try to be better with this, but sometimes it’s difficult. I also do have the mindset that sometimes, it’s important to be greedy/selfish, BUT, it’s still important to be aware of what you actually have and how other perceive your actions.

Who am I? Three of Wands:

Related image

This card automatically brings positivity to mind. There’s a sort of togetherness and unity portrayed by the art.

Kim Krans: “Envisioning the Future. The Three of Wands indicates you’ve had continued support from others (perhaps from your parents or two good friends). With their help, you’ve formed a sense of self, of your values and morals. But now it’s time to rely on yourself for guidance. Clarify your goals, and cast others’ needs and opinions aside. The future is infinite, and it is yours. No one else can see through its layers of light and shadow.”

Carrie Mallon:  “We all have the potential to be visionaries. We can look beyond obstacles. We can look beyond the mundane world. We can see options, possibilities, endless terrain to explore and experience. Once we embrace our visions, we can begin to bring them into our reality.

Your future is a blank canvas – and all the colors of the rainbow are available for you to shape, mold and create your experience.”

This is, I think, an exciting card to get in regards to my present self. I’ve seen the pattern in the last week that I’ve been supported in my endeavors and something good is coming. I fully embrace this reading and look forward to spending some time thinking about what to explore next. I’ve been stuck for the last year or so, wanting something more, something different, and I think it might be time to actually make those changes.

Who will I be? Son of Swords:

Image result for son of swords wild unknownThis card is a little harder to interpret. The monotone and indirect contact with the focal point of the card make it seem more neutral. Clearly the Son of Swords is determined to continue in the direction of travel and doesn’t really seem to care about external forces.

Kim Krans: “Forceful, determined. A dynamic creature, the Son of Swords is a man of action, not of grace. He pushes forward toward his goal with urgency and determination. To top it off, he’s very well educated, making him a force to be reckoned with. Usually he’s seeking approval from the patient and just Father of Swords, who casts quite a shadow onto his son. Working with this stimulating and exhausting young man can prove to be a challenge.”

Carrie Mallon: ” On one end of the spectrum, the Son of Swords has the bound and determined, single-minded focus it often takes to accomplish difficult tasks. He knows how to lock onto a target and pour all of his efforts and abilities into his objectives. He’s smart as a whip and isn’t afraid to stand up for himself.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Son of Swords can be prone to wearing blinders. He can be stubborn and unwilling to see any other option aside from the one he’s already decided upon. He can be blunt in his interactions with others and patience isn’t always his strong suit.

In a reading, the Son of Swords can ask you to closely evaluate your approach in a given situation. Do you need to be more direct, honest and focused? Or on the other hand, have you lost sight of the bigger picture? Step back and examine your approach from an unbiased perspective, and then use your wisdom to determine your next step.”

I think all of Carrie’s interpretation is important because that’s usually how I see most things; there are always two sides. Focus and determination can be good, however, as I know I often am, tunnel vision can lead to stubborn mistakes. Combined with Kim Krans’ “force to be reckoned with” I think the right approach to the future for me will lead to success. Awareness is key.

The Big Picture: The past me, I admit, has been greedy and discontented with my circumstances. The present me recognizes the blank canvas I have in front of me to paint a determined, Son of Swords driven future. It’s a pretty picture, but there’s a lot of room for transformation that will need to take place for the past me to get to the future me.

Here’s to that journey,

xoxo Mars

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